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Positive Health Awards by Dr Batra’s


The fifth Positive Health Awards 2010 by Dr Batra’s were held at NCPA, Mumbai, on November 30, 2010. Bollywood actors Aishwarya Rai and , felicitated the awardees, at the ceremony. According to Dr , Founder and CMD, Dr Batra’s Positive HealthClinic Pvt Ltd, “These awards are a small reward for a big achievement. In overcoming serious health setbacks to lead positive, purposeful lives, each one of our Positive Health Heroes has demonstrated that the strength of the human spirit can conquer the frailties of the human body”. The jury comprised of , Anu Aga, , R. Balki, and Dr Mukesh Batra.

Dr Dyandeo Chopade, Kritika Purohit, Anita Guruprasad, Sushmeeta Bubna, Suresh Chalke, Dhriti Pandit and Sabira Khan were announced as the winners.