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Symrise doubles menthol production


A global supplier of fragrances and flavourings, Symrise, in association with Lanxess, which supplies intermediate products to the company, has doubled its ability to produce synthetic menthol. Symrise has been established as a global market leader in manufacturing synthetic L-menthol, which is used in oral-care products, chewing gum and candy, and is one of the most internationally relevant products. “The global demand for menthol has been increasing at double-digit rates for years now. As a result, we want to work with our long-term partner, Lanxess, and increase our production capacities while strengthening our international market leadership in this sector. In addition, we are expanding our product range so that our clients are able to respond to consumer preferences better and more flexibly,” says Dr Heinz-Jurgen Bertram, CEO, Symrise.

Posted on: 1.12.2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com