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Stem Cell Corp. to retail stem cell-based skincare products


International Stem Cell Corporation, the California-based biotechnology firm, has made the first-ever topical skincare products of its subsidiary, Lifeline Skin Care, available to the general public in US. The two new products – Defensive Day Moisture Serum and Recovery Night Moisture Serurm, can be bought online at www.lifelineskincare.com. Previously, these serums, which contain extracts from ‘parthenogenetic’ stem cells, were available only to individuals and organisations formerly identified and selected for their interest in innovative approaches to skin care.

According to Dr Ruslan Semechkin, CEO, Lifeline Skin Care, “Because the quality products Lifeline Skin Care offers are experiencing strong demand and the human stem cell extracts require innovative manufacturing processes, we chose to develop our sales channels gradually and incrementally. We are very pleased with the customer feedback from our first limited launch and are delighted to now be able to expand production and make the products available to the general public within the US.”

Posted on: 1.12.2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com