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Dow Corning spurs innovation in colour cosmetics


The leading US-based silicones supplier, Dow Corning, has come up with a new silicone technology for the colour cosmetics and skincare industry. The latest innovation from the leader in silicone-based technology and innovation, is the ‘Silicone Flake Resin’, which unlike its earlier variants, blends two resins that form a flexible and durable transfer-resistant film. Silicone Flake Resin will now allow cosmetic formulators to create long-lasting, comfortable colour cosmetics, skincare and sun care products.

“The new Silicone Resin will help colour cosmetics maintain a fresh look with an enhanced colour intensity and shine. This is the kind of new technology that meets aesthetic needs as well as delivers the practical benefits that consumers want,” says Stewart Long, Global Marketing Manager – Skincare, Dow Corning.

Posted on: 24.11.2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com