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Alcan Packaging Beauty is now ‘Albéa’


Following its change of ownership in July this year, the leading French beauty packaging company, , has been renamed as ‘Albéa’. The new company brand identity is based on a subtle name change and a powerful logo.

“The semantics of Albéa evoke the word ‘beauty’ and symbolise material embellishment, referring to our core business. The letter ‘a’ at the beginning and at the end of the name reflects its openness. The logo symbolises the cells directly inspired by the protective honeycomb and its natural potential for expansion. It represents our great care for our customers’ products and all the markets we serve, as well as our focus to support their development worldwide,” says , President and CEO, Albéa.

The new Albéa brand will be rolled out globally during the next six months.

Posted on: 24.11.2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com