McCartney`s glow-in-the-dark range

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No more fretting over fallen light or running in the night now! Designer Stella McCartney has created a glow-in-the-dark clothing range, for adidas. It is part of her Fall/Winter 2010 adidas sportswear collection. The line will be placed within the best-selling running category of sportswear.

The fashion designer – who was recently announced as the creative director of the sportswear firm`s kit for both the British Olympic and Paralympic teams to wear at the London event – came up with the idea for the company`s best-selling running category as she wanted wearers to feel safe. She said, “Running is one of our most popular categories and for me to make it have its own point of view is really key. I think that we did it this season in a direct way by looking at glow-in-the-dark. When you are running in an urban environment, you need to feel safe, when people can see you coming and stand out, especially in winter when it gets dark earlier. But at the same time we used it on a leopard print, so it`s not so masculine and graphic."

Part of the collection, the glow-in-the-dark range, designed to improve safety and visibility, features Run Glow jacket at $175, which boasts a feisty leopard print, drawstring shorts, with the same leopard print and the Run Glow Marialith Runner footwear line at $120, everything available for purchase at the online store of adidas.

Stella has also created a Wintersports line, so consumers look fashionable on the slopes as well.

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