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The South India Garment Association (SIGA) was formed in 1992 to create a platform for manufacturers, distributors, agents and retail traders. SIGA, with its inception in the city of Bengaluru, has been working to uplift and support the garment trade and industry in the southern region. 

SIGA has been acting as a catalyst, interacting with the government in matters of development for the garment trade and industry. It has been representing the industry for sales tax, entry taxes, excise duty and other related issues like rules of Packaged Commodity Act and more. SIGA is identifying small manufacturers to upgrade their infrastructure.

The Association also organises an annual garment fair, which provides an optimum solution to manufacturers for their requirements – be it agents, franchisees, distributors or retailers. The 2010 edition of the trade fair was held on July 14-15.

In this year’s edition of the trade show, 84 exhibitors took part. More than 1,100 delegates and 600 visitors participated in the fair. Compared to the previous years, this year’s event garnered an unexpected response. Top retailers such as The Chennai Silks, Seemathi, Favourite Shop, Megamart, Spar, Gupta’s, Lifestyle and Naidu were the main visitors.

A perfect blend of garments from different categories and brands was the main highlight of the event. Brands such as Wrangler, Siyaram’s, Oxemberg, MSD, J Hampstead, Cool Colors, Hard Currency, Royal Navy, T&T, M-Square, Vasari, Just in Time and Bodycare, among others, were a major attraction.

The six major categories exhibited in the trade show this year were: apparel, which accounted for about 85%, menswear 60%, womenswear and kidswear 25%; lingerie 5%, display solutions 2%, accessories 3%, retail solutions 3%, and mannequins accounted for 2%.

The feedback of the exhibitors and visitors has been very positive.

“South India is a steady and dependable market. The industry is moving in the right direction across the country, particularly in the south. Local brands are gaining strength; the main USP of the South India market is an educated workforce.,” said Anurag Singhla, Honorary Secretary of SIGA.

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