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Youthful Denizen might come to India


After a launch in Shanghai, Levi Strauss & Co will soon test the Indian market for its new brand ‘Denizen`. This youthful and more affordable brand has been created especially for Asia, to be first made available in China, Korea and Singapore, and then gradually in India.

“China and India have an emerging middle class who are youthful, living a fast life, aspiring for brands, yet desiring them at more affordable price points. We will be pilot testing Denizen in Karnataka,” said Mr Aaron Boey, President, Levi Strauss &Co, Asia Pacific Division. The trial could start as early as possible. If the response is good, one can expect full-fledged Denizen stores as this brand will not be retailed in Levi`s stores but will have its own stores.

“We already have the ‘Signature` brand which is doing well. These brands are focussed on different segments and are not in competition with Levi`s has premium jeans,” says Mr Shumone Chatterjee, Vice-President, Marketing, Levi`s Brand, Asia Pacific Division

The Levi`s brand recently launch Curve ID, a new solution for women`s fitting issues with jeans. With just 20 percent women customers for jeans as opposed to 80 percent for men in the jeans category, this is clearly an effort by the American major to grow the market for women`s jeans.