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Narendra K preps to launch own denim


Designer Narendra Kumar is launching his own line of denimwear, Killer <i>Nari</i>, in association with Killer jeans early next year. The designer is trying to make sure that the new purchase won’t look like the jeans-next-door.

“People don’t want to go to a store and see the same denim and t-shirts that they wore in school. It has to appeal to a more mature audience,” says Kumar. He adds, “So we’ve launched slogan t-shirts that say things like ‘Been there, dump that!’ and ‘Sex cells’; naughty stuff that’s meant for an older audience.”

To be sold in stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle and Killer’s own outlets, his denimwear is varied – a pair of Jodhpur jeans in a dark wash that you can wear from work to a party, drop-crotch jeans patterned with fade-away embroidery that might appeal to punk and hip-hop lovers. There will also be a chic jumpsuits in silken blue for those who are just beginning to experiment with their style.

There will also be the kind of stuff that only the designer might be able to pull off like polka-dotted sports jackets and pink-blue-green chequered shirts, which may not be flying off the shelves. “Of course there’s some stuff that not everybody will wear,” Kumar admits. “But I think there is a small group of people who are looking to stand out and are not afraid of people making fun of them. For them, being fashionable is most important.”

For those who are not willing to push the envelope on their classic denims yet, the line also features draped jersey tops, dresses and accessories like belts and hats.

With a price range of Rs. 1500-3000, owning a this designer product won’t burn a hole through your pocket. Kumar asserts, “Young people are attracted to foreign jeans because all the denim brands in India make the exact same stuff. We’re looking to give them a complete range where they can see stylised denim, which is also affordable.”