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First Epoca store opens in Delhi


Epoca, a multi-brand store, was recently launched in Delhi at Metropolitan Mall. The store is spread over a carpet area of 1,200 sq.ft.
On the inauguration, director, Epoca, Puneet Khanna, said, “The USP of Epoca is its merchandise. We have hand-picked brands like the classic Dolce & Gabbana and Trussardi, as well as a young brand like Ferre. We have deliberately got merchandise which is one-season old, because there are a lot of gems from the previous collections that are not available in the market now. But a lot of people are looking for it.”
He further said, the concept of Epoca came up randomly over drinks with friends. The idea was to get into the luxury space with multiple brands, yet be different. “Our merchandise is very different from what you see at DLF Emporio. There is also a 25-30 per cent price difference between the products, that is because we are existing on real prices that existed a year ago, minus the inflation factor,” added Khanna.
The company plans to open 10 outlets in the next 18 months, with stores larger than the first one. Their next outlet will be launched in Ludhiana, followed by Hyderabad.
“We are not going to focus on metro cities, but on the upcoming mini metros in the country. That is where the opportunity lies untapped. Mumbai is discovered. Delhi happened because our base is in Delhi,” Khanna said.
Epoca also plans to open an outlet at the Mumbai airport.
“Visibility is the main reason to be there, but our concern is concrete sales. The merchandise there will be very different from what is in the stores. For airport retailing, the company plans to stock up easy-to-carry accessories such as handbags, ties, and shoes,” Khanna said.