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New system for dynamic 3D measurement


At the Automotive Testing Expo, Dynamic Intelligent Solutions (DIS), LLC launched its innovative, patent-pending process called ChamberCam that takes dimensional stability measurement of components under extreme climatic conditions to a whole new level, in terms of efficiency, reduced development time and cost and breadth of data acquired.

The ChamberCam system combines proven photogrammetry hardware and software with current thermal management technology to provide product engineers the unique ability to accurately measure parts in real time during thermal cycling in an environmental chamber.

Larry Arnone, vice president, DIS, said, “Until now, manufacturers could only measure a product before and after it was exposed to a predetermined temperature and humidity profile, making it difficult to know exactly how much and when a part might change under various conditions.”

He also added, “With the ChamberCam process, we offer the ability to capture dimensional data at hundreds of points on the product – upto 15 times per second – throughout the actual climatic testing. This provides the engineer with more information than was ever available, and potentially eliminates days or weeks of costly testing, development and downstream engineering time. DIS can deliver data to the customer in a familiar fashion, as well as providing much more data including time, temperature and humidity in pictures, charts, video and 3-D point data showing direction of the point movement for each measurement.”

DIS provides customers with viewing software at no additional cost, allowing them to review testing results and present data to their colleagues, superiors and customers. This data is instrumental during root cause analysis and problem-solving engineering and design flaws efficiently, as an engineer can analyse upto 100 times more data – including previously unobtainable data – in less time than it takes with today`s process.

The system employs proven, robust measurement principles (photogrammetry), technology, data acquisition software and hardware, digital cameras and an environmental management system that enables the high-speed, high-resolution digital cameras to operate inside thermal test chambers. This closed loop system can also be used as a mobile system at a customer facility. The setup, calibration and measurement process of the system is very robust and easy to use.

According to DIS the ChamberCam system:
<ul><li>Slashes cycle time of engineering evaluations;</li>
<li>Reduces guesswork, repeated testing and downstream engineering;</li>
<li>Eliminates the need for traditional coordinate-measuring machine services and associated time delays;</li>
<li>Provides real-time point measurements under temperature or in motion that were previously unavailable;</li>
<li>Is accurate to 35 to 45 microns and can capture data up to 15 times per second;</li>
<li>Can withstand temperatures from -77 degrees Celsius to 177 degrees Celsius (+/- 30 degrees) and up to 95 percent relative humidity;</li>
<li>Offers almost unlimited test data sets and point comparisons in video, pictures and 3-D point data charts for quick evaluation and analysis; and</li>
<li>Uses software that makes results presentations a snap.</li></ul>
DIS is offering the ChamberCam service at its testing partner, Primetime Testing Laboratory, in Clinton Township, Mich.Ideal for validating automotive interior components such as instrument panels, door panels and consoles, the process can also be used for other products and markets where dimensional stability at temperature or in motion is critical, according to Arnone.

The ChamberCam system can be used for a wide variety of engineering applications, including quick measurement of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing features, root cause analysis, deformation analysis, motion and position analysis, acquisition of dynamic processes and precise digitising of medium-to-large sized objects.

DIS is now scheduling tests using the ChamberCam process at Primetime Testing Laboratory`s Clinton Township lab. A privately held company based in USA, Dynamic Intelligent Solutions is a provider of measurement services when testing under extreme climatic conditions for the automotive, aerospace, government, marine, recreational vehicle and consumer goods markets.

The system utilises optical camera-based 3-D measurement for superior accuracy. The company offers the following services: cycle or fatigue analysis; 3-D measurement while cycling or applying a load to a part; reverse engineering and scanning; part and tool development into CAD data; CNC measurement; the measuring of CNC machines and developing CAD data for proving out NC cutter paths. As a service provider, DIS is an authorised service provider of select AICON 3-D Systems products.

A strategic ally of DIS, Primetime Testing Laboratory is an independent, full-service test facility with a solid history of supporting automakers and suppliers with mechanical testing services. Primetime`s 12,000 sq. ft. facility in USA is certified by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation and has expanded its capabilities to serve other specialised markets such as fasteners, furniture, toys and household products.