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Goldplus launches India`s 1st Diamantine


Goldplus, a jewellery brand from the house of Titan Industries Ltd., a TATA group company, announced the launch of a completely new stone called Diamantine in India. Diamantine Jewellery is expected to revolutionize the Indian jewellery market by offering a breakthrough technology in jewellery at an affordable price. Goldplus is the first brand to launch Diamantine Jewellery in India.

This innovative product is created by utilizing Serenity Technology`s proprietary worldwide patent pending nano-diamond coating technology. This multi-step treatment process involves the development of a coating of nano crystalline diamond particles below 60 nm, uniformly on all cut surfaces of the gem material. Each nano diamond particle is pure diamond, with all its optical and physical properties

Diamantine also behaves as a real diamond and the product has a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking or getting cloudy/loosing shine. The product is also the first-ever diamond simulant to be certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Indian Gemological Institute (IGI).

“We believe in delighting our consumers with innovative products without compromising on quality or traditional preferences.” said C.K.Venkataraman, COO of Titan, Jewellery division. “This innovative product which uses the latest nano technology will certainly revolutionize the jewellery business in the country.”

The brand plans to offer the stone in its markets as there is customer resistance to real diamonds because of high costs and internal Dosham or flaws (that are believed to have a negative astrological effect). Diamantine, being a crystal ensures that there are no inclusions or flaws, making it acceptable to the most conservative of consumers, thus opening a completely new segment of the market.

Goldplus has introduced more than 400 designs across all jewellery categories. The range starts from Rs.1800-3,00,000/-.

GoldPlus, aims at providing customers in tier I and II cities with assured purity of gold in a wide range of jewellery. The brand has 29 stores spread across 6 states across India. It is the largest jewellery chain in Tamil Nadu. The brand is targetted at semi urban and rural areas and introduces standardization in a largely undifferentiated market by establishing quality benchmarks.