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Couture in the 21st Century


Harrods has announced the launch of the perfect coffee table tome, Couture in the 21st Century. The book offers a glorious glimpse into contemporary design and the history of fashion. An ode to artisan style and opulence, this hardback contemplates the current overarching trend in fashion to recall the craftsmanship of yesteryear.

From highly complicated construction to handmade lace, beading and sequin embellishment, the skills that were once the preserve of haute couture have translated to a new desire for superlative craftsmanship. A reference book for fashion inspirations, Couture in the 21st Century features the archives and opinions of the world’s most influential designers new and old, including Rankin’s exceptional photographs of fashion luminaries, including Oscar de la Renta, , Erdem and Roland Mouret. Couture in the 21st Century is available from harrods.com and all leading booksellers for £40.

Harrods is a high-end British department store. The brand also applies to other enterprises undertaken by the Harrods group of companies including Harrods Bank, , Harrods Aviation and Air Harrods, and Harrods Buenos Aires.