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Big is Beautiful


If the women around the world are tired of seeing clothes on anorexic models because real women are not wearing them, then take heart ladies. The fashion scenario is changing and how! Big is now very beautiful so don’t pump iron or pant on that treadmill and get depressed if those inches don’t disappear and kilos don’t melt away.

At the Collection Premiere Dusseldorf fashion fair in Düsseldorf, Germany every season for the past several years the most popular show is the one called “Super Size” for the well-endowed woman. The clothes on the catwalk are fabulous, stylish and those extra inches and curves never looked better!

The reason is that the garments are perfectly designed with fluid lines that help a woman look slim even if she isn’t. All the lady’s negative points are well hidden and only her positive side is on display. No tight-fitting clinging silhouettes, but simple layering and soft fabrics that fit the body and do not constrict the curves.

Leggings and capris are favourites and do make a great style statement when topped with a loose tunic. Trousers when parallel and teamed with hip-length jackets keep the bulges in check. Hips and waist should be concealed if not a perfect Ten.

The designs and patterns of the fabrics are adventurous. Geometrics, abstract and floral are great when teamed with solid colours. Brights are fabulous so there is no need to cling to black, brown, navy and grey to look slim though they are great to make a sophisticated fashion statement. It’s the style and silhouette that helps in achieving a streamlined look.

The secret of looking slender is to keep clothes well fitted but not figure hugging. Designers around the globe are now catering exclusively to the plus size woman and the styles are trendy and glamorous. The “All” label from Pantaloons offers interesting and well styled garments which offer the latest looks. Mixing and matching is very important for the super size dresser. Add colour, with simple silhouettes and the result is stunning.

So if you can’t lose weight don’t lose heart; fashion will help you to look sensational in the right super size clothes.