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Gojo buys back ‘Purell’ from Johnson & Johnson


The Ohio-based skin health and hygiene solutions firm, Gojo, has bought the Purell hand sanitizer brand from the Johnson & Johnson consumer products portfolio. With this transaction, Gojo once again has full ownership of the Purell brand. “This transaction enables Gojo to expand the Purell product line to include effective hand hygiene solutions for every setting, be it home, work or on the go,” says Mark Lerner, President, Gojo.

Gojo invented Purell in 1998 for the foodservice industry and healthcare situations. In 2004, Gojo sold the Purell brand to Warner-Lambert company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pfizr Inc. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies acquired the brand in 2006 as part of the company’s acquisition of Pfizr Consumer Healthcare.

Posted on: 10-11-2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com