P&G gives a backward push to ‘Rejoice’

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If retailers are to be believed, the Cincinnati-based FMCG major, Procter & Gamble, has taken its shampoo brand ‘Rejoice’ off the shelves. Needless to point out that the firm is aggressively pushing its other two shampoo brands: Pantene and Head & Shoulders. Although industry sources say that Rejoice is being phased out, the company has not confirmed it yet. “While our distribution of Rejoice is demanded, our focus brands are Head & Shoulders and Pantene,” says a P&G spokesperson.

Launched in the Indian market in 2004, Rejoice was considered to be a strong competitor to Hindustan Unilever’s Clinic Plus shampoo in the mid-price segment. However, while Clinic Plus continues to lead in the shampoo market, Rejoice has definitely not been able to catch up.

According to AC Nielsen’s retail audit, Rejoice’s market share has been declining since 2007, when it had a marginal share of two percent, The brand’s current share, according to industry estimates, is around 0.2-0 .3 percent. Pantene, on the other hand, has a market share of around 9.5-10 percent, and is said to be growing since its relaunch this year.

Posted on: 3.11.2010
Source: www.economictimes.com

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