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Macy’s to Encourage Gifting


US-based premium department store, Macy’s, is remoulding its gift merchandise strategy this year around. The department store chain has launched a ‘Grab-N-Go’ Gift Shop, which will feature limited-edition gifts from different categories, including gadgets, apparel, accessories, beauty products and home goods. The Gift Shop is currently operational at the 1,500 square feet Macy’s outlet in Herald Square, New York, offering everything from functional to frivolous. “About 90 percent of the items are exclusive to gifting, but you might find some of them elsewhere in the store,” says Martine Reardon, Executive Vice President – Marketing, Macy’s. The Gift Shop concept will soon be rolled out to 400 Macy’s units.

Macy's is closing 68 stores, cutting 10,000 jobs
A few stores have already been shuttered, but 63 will close down between now and mid-2017, leaving about 660 US stores left open, said the report.

Posted on 3:11:2010
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