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The Olive Oil Way


The rise in levels of health consciousness among consumers in recent times has led to the evolution of many alternative therapies – not just to cure the body, but also the soul! The secret to a healthy life, though, lies in eating healthy and one of the many ways, going by historical and scientific evidence, is the olive oil Therapy.

Historically, olive oil has been considered sacred – it was used to anoint kings and athletes in ancient Greece. It was burnt in sacred lamps of temples, as well as in the “eternal flame” of the original Olympic Games. Those successful in the games were crowned with its leaves.
Olive is known worldwide for its healing and nutritional benefits. In fact, many researchers have proved that the inhabitants of Mediterranean countries, who used olive oil, lived longer and had lower rate of cancer, heart disease and blood pressure than their counterparts in other European countries. The benefits of olive oil lie in the fact that it is a preventive therapy with no harmful effects on the body; almost anyone can consume olive oil and benefit from its various advantages. It is, therefore, high time olive oil became an intrinsic part of Indian cooking. 
A Cure for all Problems
Olive oil has the potential to avert critical health issues. Scientific evidence suggests the usage of olive oil not only lowers the rate of cancer, heart disease and blood pressure, but also leads to a stress-free life. It is well known that the risk of heart attack and stroke is significantly lower in the regions where olive oil is consumed on a regular basis. Olive oil is also widely known to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol (what we know as ‘bad’ cholesterol) and increase the levels of HDL cholesterol (what we know as ‘good’ cholesterol) in the blood, besides lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure.  
Preliminary research also indicates that olive oil can possibly be a chemopreventive agent for peptic ulcer or gastric cancer. Studies have also found an inverse relationbetween polyunsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil and the risk of breast cancer.
Widely acclaimed to be an excellent beauty and health product, itis prescribed for glowing skin and a healthy .
With the rising instances of lifestyle diseases – obesity, hypertension and diabetes, among others – in urban India, the need to adopt healthier options, including switching to olive oil, in our food intake becomes all the more significant.
Traditionally, Indian households have been dependent on ghee, mustard and refined for daily cooking. The use of olive oil can successfully prove to be a healthier option for modern India’s daily cooking needs.