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Symrise to now create perfumers in India


German fragrance manufacturer, Symrise, has set up its first perfumery academy in India to train up-and-coming young professionals in the business of fragrance creation. On November 1, the company will inaugurate the school in Chennai, where training will be imparted to its own employees as well as talented young people from the outside, who will either enroll as junior perfumers or as evaluators.
The two-year modular training course consists of an intensive study of fragrance ingredients, the development of archetypal fragrance structures and market and product knowledge. Blending theory and practice, the students will acquire knowledge of applications ranging from fine fragrances, personal care to household products. “Symrise has more than 25 years of experience in training perfumers and several renowned creatives in the industry. By establishing the Perfumery School in Chennai, we are now building up an internal talent pool of outstandingly-trained perfumers and evaluators for the Asian market,” says Béatrice Favre-Bulle, Senior Vice President, Global Fragrance Development, Home & Personal Care, Symrise.

Posted on: 13.10.2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com