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    Best Buy unveils new research study on the Connected World


    The current dynamics of the consumer technology industry are fundamentally and rapidly changing as innovation is driven by consumers themselves. Basic human needs for comfort, connection, variety and uniqueness now drive society’s desire for a truly connected world. With few exceptions, the consumer technology industry continues to seek ways to fully understand and satisfy this growing demand.

    New research (titled ‘Our World, Connected’ ) commissioned by Best Buy and conducted by e-Rewards reveals that people believe in the notion of the connected world. They have taken what they’ve experienced over the past two decades (since technology began to be ubiquitous in our lives) and on their own have redefined what “being connected” means. In the process, they have naturally grown dissatisfied with some consumer technologies that actually inhibit their ability to live in a truly connected world. This has led them to become more knowledgeable, more vocal, and more involved in how and what the industry produces.

    In other words, people have, through the sheer force of their mounting interest in and reliance on getting and staying connected, moved to the center of the consumer electronics world.

    Highlights from the Our World, Connected research paper findings include:

    • The dynamics of the consumer electronics industry are fundamentally changing as innovation is driven by consumers themselves. Eighty-nine percent of consumers believe consumer electronics companies should use more consumer feedback to influence innovation.
    • People, not technology, are re-defining what it means to “connect,” and they see great opportunity in what technology can offer in their lives. More than 85 percent of consumers say they are optimistic about the experiences that technology products can enable in their lives. Sixty-four percent of consumers agree that technology brings families closer together.

    • Despite the promise of the Connected World, most people are still frustrated by technology. More than 6-in-10 consumers say they have a hard time keeping up with technology changes. Consumer electronics companies have the responsibility to help people bridge the connection gap.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau