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Karnataka safeguards its famous Mysore soap


(KS&DL), the state-run soap factory, is trying to crack buy-back arrangements with sandalwood farmers to ensure a regular supply of the depleting fragrant wood for its famous Mysore Sandal Soap. Over the past few years, KS&DL has entered into MoUs with 210 farmers who grow sandalwood in the state. According to , Deputy General Manager (R&D), KS&DL, “The company had started a campaign to encourage sandalwood cultivation after the state liberalised rules in 2001, which allowed private ownership of the tree. Although the owner can only sell to the forest department or designated agencies, such as KS&DL or the handicrafts corporation, awareness on cultivation has increased since 2008 when a government notification on ownership was issued.”

Posted on: 6-10-2010
Source: www.financialexpress.com