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MBF Plastiques redefines Packaging trends


MBF Plastiques, a part of the US-based Aptar Group (manufacturers of diffusion systems), has created a unique diffusion system for YSL fragrances, Victor & Rolf and Biotherm.

For Victor and Rolf: The system offers a vertically-pressed pump, which diffuses the fragrance horizontally. The entire piece is composed of twelve parts, including a specific push button. As part of the innovation, MBF Plastiques also simplified the neck of the cylindrical bottle, making it an exceptional product design.

For YSL: The aim was to come up with a new bottle for the legendary fragrance – Opium. MBF renewed the assembly of the galvanised push-button nozzle. In order to ensure a capacity that could handle large-volume commissions, a new production line was also introduced for Opium.

For Biotherm’s first eau de toilette for men: MBH developed a special ‘Valois’ pump, which is high on aesthetic quality and easy to use. The internal spray button window is perfectly adjusted to stop the light from entering even at the end of activation.

Posted on: 22-9-2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com