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Clarins and Inter Parfums to jointly operate in US


The two french groups, and Inter , will jointly unveil their fragrance business in US department and specialty stores. “A US subsidiary called Inter Luxury Brands has recently been formed and will go into operation on January 1, 2011,” says Philippe Benacin, President and CEO, parent Inter and Stanisles Archanbault, MD, Luxury Brand subsidiary, in a joint statement. The new subsidiary, which consists of Burberry Fragrances and make-up, and , will be housed within the Clarins Fragrance Group. Jonathon Zrihen, President and CEO, Clarins, New York, says, “The two companies will share and manage the sales force together, with a combined staff that will sell brands from both the firms. The objective is to share costs, create a larger critical mass and build business.”

Posted on: 15-9-2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com