Home Retail Macy’s to roll out ‘Impulse Beauty’ concept in 54 stores

    Macy’s to roll out ‘Impulse Beauty’ concept in 54 stores


    US-based department store Macy’s plans to roll out ‘Impulse Beauty’ – a new concept featuring an open selling space of niche beauty brands to complement the traditional beauty counters – in 54 Macy’s stores across the US by October this year. Impulse Beauty offers its customers the opportunity to shop featured beauty brands independently, with assistance from specialised beauty advisers.

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    “Impulse Beauty is a beauty destination geared towards a trend-wise customer,” said , executive vice-president and general manager for Cosmetics, Fragrance and Shoes for Macy’s Inc.

    “The new collection of fresh, contemporary niche brands, which are not traditionally associated with department stores, along with our established beauty counters, provides Macy’s customers with a wide assortment of product to choose from for all of their beauty needs.”

    An additional 50 Macy’s stores are expected to debut the Impulse Beauty concept in 2011.

    The roughly 1,000 sq.ft space will also feature skincare lines such as Bliss, Clarisonic, Dr Brandt, Peter and hair care products such as Lea Journo and T-3. In addition to benefiting from the expertise and personal service of Macy’s traditional beauty counters, shoppers can now browse the boutique brands at Impulse Beauty on their own and seek assistance and guidance as needed.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau