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    Sanjeev Kapoor, BVB join hands to open restaurant chain Indii


    Indian master chef Sanjeev Kapoor has joined hands with corporate multi-brand entity Better Value Brands (BVB) to launch a global chain of Indian restaurants, called ‘Indii’. The first outlet, with a tentative size of 4,000 sq.ft, will be opened in Mumbai.

    The Rs.100 crore joint venture plans to set up 70 Indii outlets across the country, and aims to reach out to the Indian diaspora in different continents in the next 12 months.

    “Around Rs.1.5 crore is required to open one such outlet,” reveals Harsha Bhatkal, director, Better Value Brands Limited, adding, “We are about to open our first outlet in one of the high streets of Mumbai. We will enter tier II and III cities soon. Also, we plan to open Indii’s outlets in the US, the UK and middle-east countries where we have a substantial Indian population.”

    Maintaining that Indii was a concept waiting to happen, Sanjeev Kapoor says, “Indian food offers a palate of flavours with aromas that travel far and wide. As more and more food lovers enjoy Indian cuisine, it was imperative to put together a product that was ‘Indian food of today and tomorrow’ and would integrate a fine blend of taste, health and tradition.”

    “At BVB, we have enjoyed taking on successful brands and giving them a pan-India presence. For a company that traverses fitness, education and the cultural arts, food was perhaps the next logical vertical to occupy. With a proven track-record in creating national brands, and given Sanjeev’s expertise in food and successfully running award-winning restaurants, we are proud to present Indii,” concludes Bhatkal.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau