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Online marketing: a hot favourite of brands


Austria-based Biotivia Bioceuticals, developer of resveratrol-based supplements for the health care and neutraceutical markets, has found a new way to popularise its new anti-ageing product ‘Celle’ through its website celleskincare.com. The website has an intelligent questions tab that makes the visitor gain information in a systematic manner and sub tabs that lend a customised feel to the whole experience. ‘Celle’ is the result of four years of development and thousands of hours of testing and refinement by leading American, Italian and Swiss scientists. The unique formulation of super fruit antioxidants, hexapeptides, pearl extract, resveratrol and edelweiss plant cells has created a wonder product that contains no harmful chemicals, such as PEG’s, carbomers or parabens, which even creams costing over $1000 normally contain. James Betz, Founder and CEO, Biotivia, says: “We wanted to offer a skin care product that has anti-ageing capabilities comparable or superior to invasive treatments such as dermabrasion, laser peels and Botox, but without the harmful chemicals that most other skin creams in the market have. Our all natural ingredients are proven to build collagen naturally while firming up skin, reducing wrinkles, increasing luminosity of the skin and evening out tone and complexion.”

Posted on 8.9.2010
Source: www.vee2.net