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Mood-enhancing make-up: the next big thing?


Industry insiders are predicting mood-enhancing make-up to be one of the biggest trends for the coming years in India, since it’s already creating waves across the world. “Mood make-up goes beyond the usual aromatherapy or Ayurveda where certain ingredients that have a positive influence on the brain are mixed into the product. Mood-enhancing make-up is full of neurotransmitters that have a psychological impact on the user.

There are a variety of phytochemicals, anthocyanins and other ingredients that come together to alter one’s mood”, explains Dr Varsha Joshi, a senior cosmetologist and skin consultant from Mumbai. While these products are expected to be launched in India by the end of this year, experts in the country are already underlining its benefits.

It may not be possible for these cosmetics to drastically alter the mood, but they guarantee a definite feel-good factor. Confirming this, Neha Khanna, Beauty Trainer, Avon India says, “Application of any cosmetic itself leads to a feel good factor. Besides this, colour also plays an important role, for instance, a red colour lipstick creates vibrancy and peppy feeling”.