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    Third Best Price Modern Wholesale store in Punjab


    Bharti Wal-Mart Private Limited, the joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Walmart Stores Inc for wholesale, business-to-business, cash-and-carry and back-end supply chain management operations in India, today opened its third Best Price Modern Wholesale cash and-carry store in Punjab at Jalandhar.

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    Raj Jain, MD and CEO, Bharti Walmart Pvt Ltd, said, “It gives us immense pleasure to launch our third store within four months of unveiling our second store in Zirakpur. Bharti Wal-Mart has invested close to USD 25 Million in Punjab. We will continue to offer quality products as best prices, particularly to institutions and SMEs, including kirana stores. We will also work closely with farmers to improve the quality of their yield and increase their remunerations. We are also committed to building a strong and efficient supply chain that would benefit the consumer as we save people money so they can live better. We believe that this process can be strengthened and hastened if we were also allowed to invest in front-end retailing and are optimistic that the government, equally committed to working for the benefits of the farmer and consumer, will open up foreign direct investment for multi-brand retailing.”

    Spread over 63,000 square feet, the Best Price Modern Wholesale store at Jalandhar will stock over 5,400 items, including a wide range of fresh, frozen and chilled foods, fruits and vegetables, dry groceries, personal and home care, hotel and restaurant supplies, clothing, office supplies and other general merchandise items, which are available at competitive wholesale prices, allowing retailers and business owners to lower their cost of operations.

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