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Fish spas likely to be banned


The increasingly popular fish spas are drawing flak for its supposed unhygienic water conditions. With an average of almost 40- 50 customers a day, spa owners have come under scrutiny. American health officials feel that the tank containing the doctor fish breeds infection as a number of people immerse their feet in the same basin one by one. However, spa owners claim that they use medicated mineral water for the process and change it once a week to keep health problems at bay. “Even if the water is changed on a daily basis each morning, what puts me off is the unanswered question – what if I plan to have the spa in the evening?”, asserts a customer. Dermatologists too are not in favour of fish spas. According to them, it creates a way for gaping. Gaping takes place when the fine layer of skin between nail and skin is removed. This condition can lead to serious bacterial/fungal and viral diseases, most common of them being Paronychia, a tissue infection. According to industry sources, fish spas are likely to be banned soon in all American states.