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Wipro expands its personal care product portfolio


Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCL) has launched a new range of skincare products, which will expand the company’s personal care portfolio for its flagship brand Santoor. With the launch of the Santoor Enhance range, the company now has a presence in categories such as lotions, creams, deodorants and shower products. The FMCG arm of Wipro posted a 23.39 percent increase in revenue to Rs641.4 crore in the first quarter from Rs519.8 crore with an operating margin of 13.7 percent. Santoor Enhance will first be retailed across modern trade outlets such as supermarkets to reach consumers who are willing to experiment with new products. “We have incorporated our several learning experiences from our Unza operations including product formulations and the go-to-market strategy across modern trade,” says Vineet Agrawal, President, WCCL.

Wipro consumer arm buys Chinese personal care firm
The acquisition includes personal care brands of the Chinese fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm such as Enear, Zici and Vcnic and fabric care brands Pahnli and Sunew