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Leading Spas of Canada introduces ‘Quality Assurance Program’


Leading Spas of Canada (LSC) has introduced the Quality Assurance Program to provide consistent standards for safety, hygiene and business standards for the Canadian spa industry, offering reassurance and uncompromising quality for spa guests. This extensive program was developed by Leading Spas of Canada’s Standards & Practices Committee, and is based on the rigorous standards supported by all member spas. Upon completing the assessment and meeting or exceeding all standards, the spas will receive a certificate and seal of approval for display on-site and in marketing materials, recognising their Quality Assurance Status (QAA). The QAA icon serves as a visual indicator of the spa’s commitment towards safety and hygiene standards. “The Quality Assurance program will increase public confidence, which is a great marketing tool and a very significant factor to ensure the continued success of any spa operation. Leading Spas of Canada is positioning itself as a world leader in standards development within the industry. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished”, says Diane Sparrow, President, Leading Spas of Canada.