Avon cracks path-breaking anti-ageing formula

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After spending 14 years in the country, Avon is reinventing itself with some aggressive business moves.

The company plans to start with a bang by launching its revolutionary anti-ageing technology in the Indian market. The ‘Derma Full’ product line under its anti-ageing skincare range – Anew – is the first of its kind which utilizes hyaluronic acid in its anti-ageing formula for topical application. In 2003, FDA approved hyaluronic injections for filling soft tissue defects such as facial wrinkles. Hyaluronic injections temporarily smooth wrinkles by adding volume under the skin, with effects typically lasting for six months. With a first-of-its-kind innovation in the cosmetic industry, Avon will now offer an at-home anti-ageing treatment equivalent to the highly popular hyaluronic injections.

The ‘Derma Full’ range is expected to fill in a huge gap in the skincare industry prevalent primarily due to the cost factor. Although hyaluronic injections are widely-used across the globe, they come at a huge cost, are painful and time consuming given the repeated doctor visits. Avon’s ‘Derma Full’ range targets to combat all these issues since it’s extremely affordable and claims to restore youthfulness after just three days of application. “The Derma Full range adds fullness in the cheek area in two weeks, dramatically reduces facial folds and hollowness after four weeks and over time recreates youthful contours and adds definition to the face, jaw line and neck areas,” says Swati Pal, Head – Marketing, Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd.

Talking about the innovation, Hemant Singh, Managing Director, Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd, says, “It’s a revolutionary innovation is the space of skincare. We are offering youthfulness right in the comfort of your house for just Rs1100. Avon has tested this range globally and the scientists and test-phase consumers are swearing by it.”
According to industry reports, the company’s future plans include the launch of Avon Beauty Zones spread across the country, a fuller and more exciting product portfolio and extensive marketing strategies.

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