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Essel group enters the beauty market


Essel group of companies mark their venture into the beauty and health sector with the launch of ‘Chandra- as natural as you’, a range of beauty and wellness products.

Bringing together the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda combined with modern science, Chandra offers products in the category of skincare, personal care, baby care, herbal and ayurvedic health supplements (retailed under the brand name Veria). Created with a great amount of research and development by a certified team of scientists, these products are developed with chosen herbs, roots, fruits and plants combined with essential oils, mildest preservatives and safest natural ingredients. The ‘nature meets science’ formula results in high performance products that help slow down the ageing process, keep the skin well nourished, hydrated and improve overall texture, appearance and health. The absence of any kind of synthetic colours, perfumes, and preservatives make these products 100 percent natural.

The label caters to the well travelled Indian looking for a beauty and wellness brand that can keep up with the ever-changing needs of the hectic and fast-paced lifestyles.

Essel group is among India’s most prominent business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in media, beauty and wellness, packaging, entertainment, education and technology enabled services since 1976.