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Amul: milking health and fitness


Amul, India’s prime dairy product manufacturer, is now planning to tap the health and fitness drink segment with its sports drink called ‘Stamina’. The health beverage would be a milk-based drink aimed mainly at sport professionals. The product aims at capitalising on the interest generated in the health and wellness market with the Commonwealth Games staled to be held in Delhi this October.

Amul defends TV commercial; accuses HUL of resorting to frighten
He further said HUL had dragged Amul to Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) last year objecting to the latter's move to distribute pamphlets on the same issue, but the ASCI ruled in its favour

As a sports drink, it will compete with Pepsi’s Gatorade, which is a water-based drink with mineral salts, dextrose and sugar to rehydrate and replenish energy. Currently, Gatorade dominates the sports drink market, however rival Coca-Cola is also planning to import its sports drink, Powerade, during the Commonwealth Games. Industry sources say that ‘Stamina’ will create a completely different market in sports drinks and should give competition to Pepsi and Coke’s products due to its milk-health proposition.

Amul is already test-sampling the product in gyms, sports clubs and other potential points of sales. Stamina will be priced at Rs 15 for a 200 ml pack.