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    Inditex store opens in Allariz, Spain


    Tempe, a company that designs, manufactures and distributes Inditex’s footwear and accessories, has opened a store at Allariz, in the Ourense province of Spain. The store will sell footwear and accessories from previous seasons of Inditex’s commercial formats at affordable prices.

    The store is part of the ‘for&from’ project, which seeks the labour integration of disabled people within Inditex Group. The store staff is made up of five people with a certain degree of physical or intellectual disability.

    Massimo Dutti, with a long experience in its ‘for&from’ store in Allariz, has assisted Tempe both in training activities and in the design of the stores, a process encompassing different activities aimed at improving the accessibility to the store and at facilitating the employees’s work.

    The store has lavatories for disabled people and the labelling has been designed with a code of colours and geometric shapes to enable the distinction between masculine and feminine products to help the staff.

    The ‘for&from’ project began in 2001, with the first contacts between Fundació Molí d’en Puigvert and Massimo Dutti, a format of Inditex Group located in Tordera (Barcelona). Seeking to explore new formulas for the social and labour integration of vulnerable groups and individuals who find it hard to get a job, a Massimo Dutti store was launched in April 2002 in Palafolls that employs people with severe mental disorders.

    In November 2007, the project took a step forward, with the launching in Allariz of a second Massimo Dutti store linked to the ‘for&from’ project.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau