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Browse through the fragrance market on your iPhone


Givaudan, the Swiss fragrance ingredient player, has launched an Apple iPhone application aimed at helping younger consumers navigate the vast array of different fragrances in the market. According to Givaudan, “Many consumers stick to purchasing fragrances that they are already familiar with, a fact that means many new fragrances remain untested by potentially new consumers”.
“Many people are so daunted by the choice that they walk away. Others simply buy the same perfume every time because it is a safe choice,” said Maurizio Volpi, Marketing Director, Givaudan Fragrances. Givaudan set about researching into this problem and discovered that although many new consumers do not buy unfamiliar fragrance, they still lap up new technology, particularly engaging i-Phone Apps that are being increasingly used as information tools. The i Perfumer App design is simple. It has been developed around a database of 4,000 male and female prestige fragrances derived from the Miriad 2.0, a programme that won this year’s FIFi Technological Breakthrough of the Year for Fragrance Creation & Formulation. The App is available at Apple Stores free of charge and the programme functions once the user has created an individual profile designed to establish what sort of fragrance would be best suited to her/his needs. “This tool is a comprehensive representation of the fine fragrance market and we aim to update it on a quarterly basis to ensure that users have the right information about the latest launches. The database covers all types of fine fragrances available on the market and is definitely not confined to products that contain ingredients supplied by Givaudan”, said Linda, Spokesperson, Givaudan.