Home Retail Three Quarter Chinese opens at Cosmopolitan Club, Bengaluru

    Three Quarter Chinese opens at Cosmopolitan Club, Bengaluru


    , popularly known as 3QC, a Bengaluru-based restaurant serving mostly authentic , has opened a branch at Cosmopolitan Club, Jayanagar in Bengaluru.

    Located in the heart of Jayanagar, the new 3QC, with 5,500 sq. ft area, is located on the first floor of the multi-level building in Amoeba, a fun and entertainment centre.

    As the name suggests, 3QC serves three-quarter Chinese cuisine and a dash of completely North-West Indian food (one quarter).

    Besides all-time favourites — such as Flaming Jumbo Prawns and Sliced Roast Lamb — the new 3QC has given equal attention to the needs of vegetarian diners at Jaynagar, with its Honey Chilli Vegetables, Five Spice Baby Corn, Crispy Spinach to name a few.

    3QC also boasts of having a select well-stocked bar, offering popular as well as select brands of spirits. Wines have also been taken seriously and well thought about, in terms of pairing with food.

    The restaurant, designed by Milind from the Centre for Design and Excellence, is contemporary in style and gives one a feeling of space.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau