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Piramal Healthcare brings French skincare range Avène to India


Pharmaceutical company Piramal Healthcare and the Pierre Fabre Group, France launched the skincare brand Avène in India on April 27. The products formulated with the Avène thermal spring water in France caters to skincare requirements with their leansing,moisturizing, anti ageing, sensitive skin, anti acne, sun protection and healing for Atopic skin.

“Indian women today face skin problems which were not prevalent before and therefore we recognized the need of a complete solution for all skin ailments. With the Avène launch, we are ensuring that the essence of our tradition and values are maintained by offering superior quality and well-researched products to our clientele,” says Dr Swati Piramal, Director, Strategic Alliances & Communications, Piramal Healthcare Ltd, underlining the need for quality derma cosmetics in India.

“We conducted clinical and consumer tests locally to show efficiency and acceptation of our formulations on Indian skin,” added Pierre Behnam, India Head for Pierre Fabre.

Commenting on their plans in the Indian market, Nuria Perez, Global Marketing Director, Avène dermatologic Laboratories says, “The derma-cosmetic market in India is fairly new but has a lot of potential. The current market size can be pegged at around 100 million Euros. We are targeting high-potential markets in India and hope to reach a target of 5 million Euros in the next two years for Avène products. We also have plans to launch 20 more Skus in the coming year.”

Priced between Rs 1,000 and Rs 3,000, Avène products will be available at organized chemist stores across India.

Posted on: April 30

By Nivedita Jayaram Pawar