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    NEC to offer cloud computing services to retailers


    , a retail specialty technology provider, is setting up a cloud computing infrastructure in its Bangalore office. Confirming the development, , head retail solutions, India and Middle East said, “Our upcoming cloud computing initiative will help retailers, in both organised and unorganised sector, to adapt technologies for conducting their business operations through our cloud computing offerings.” The service will be available from April, 2010.

    NEC has started building applications on cloud computing platform. “We are building it over NEC platform using our data centres and servers. We are already in talks with network service providers,” says Arambhan adding, “With our partners we will come up with the applications that can be offered in an Opex model to the companies who will be willing to adopt the technologies.”

    The company is also working to offer localised solutions that are available in other markets. “In the excellence centre, we are working on localisation and customisation of our solutions for Indian and Middle East markets,” says Arambhan. The company is growing 35 per cent year-on-year on POS sales.

    Arambhan insists that the company is focused on optimisation and “there is no way they can ignore IT.” He sees huge opportunity in the Indian market, as unlike other developed markets, there is no IT legacy burden in India. Thus, businesses are open to newer technology adoptions.

    — Gaurav Kumar