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    Exclusive VM institute to open on March 29


    Ashmit Alag, who runs Transform Design and has an experience of teaching at 17 institutes across the world, is set to open Academy of Applied Arts (AoAA) to offer specialised professional courses in visual merchandising (VM). The academy, set to open on March 29 at Satya Niketan, New Delhi, consists of a team of educationists, retail professionals and thought leaders in all areas of retail design right up to its execution division that gives its students hands-on practical training.

    "At AoAA," promises Alag, "what you need is what you get – training from professionals in the field, practical workshops, learning convenience and most of all a bright career in the most sought after profession. Through proper study of consumer psychology, AoAA helps its students make the space rewarding for the customer and therefore maximise retail reach through customised VM and design. The courses offered embark the students through the innovative and practical ways of communicating a better value to the shopper and yielding higher revenue for the retailer. It unveils the potential of selling through the feeling of discovery, passion and creativity or the role VM plays in building a brand."

    "The courses are beneficial for the people seeking to enhance skills in creative avenues, position seekers in retail and hospitality industry, store managers, independent retailers, retail professionals, interior designers etc," informs Alag.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau