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    GINESYS implementing IT support for 170 IPL merchandise kiosks


    In its third season, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is adding more zeal and leveraging the tremendous buzz around the tournament with cricket-related merchandise. In association with Yog Sport, IPL for the first time has set up nearly 170 shops in major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Cuttack, Mohali, Dharamsala, Nagpur and Ahmedabad. The shops would be installed in multiplexes, malls and in stadia where IPL matches are going to be held during the tournament. These shops will sell team T-shirts, badges, caps, key chains, wallets, wrist bands etc., during the matches.

    GINESYS, an enterprise software solution provider in retail, has partnered with Yog Sport to implement the entire IT system with the help of Conference India (an event management company). GINESYS would be managing the system and software for all the Yog Sports kiosks. The kiosk started rolling out on March 12, immediately after the IPL 3 inauguration in Mumbai.

    To ensure steady and continuous supply of merchandise in the supply chain — right from procurement , inventory management to point of sales — technology support has been provided and managed by GINESYS Software. The company has implemented the technology at all point of sales in stadia, malls and multiplexes andhas also done deployment for back office warehouse and management information systems at the head office.

    It is estimated that merchandise worth Rs 30 crore will be sold during IPL matches through these retail outlets. Moreover, despite the huge scale of the project, GINESYS had been able to implement its solutions in all the 170 kiosks in record seven days’ time including at the head office and warehouse. “We are capable of handling any kind of critical implementation in record time," says Jitendra Vyas, AVP, Ginni Systems Ltd.

    — Gaurav Kumar