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    Birla group launches world’s first mobile spine clinic


    (BKV) has launched country’s first mobile spine clinic to provide relief to the working class.

    The spine clinic van can reach the patient at any place for treatment and doctors from BKV will treat him/her on request. The treatments available at mobile spine clinic are:- muscle relaxing therapy, muscle stimulating therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy, spinal bio-muscular therapy, sacro therapy and spinal neuro therapy. The cost of the treatment ranges from Rs.1500-2000 depending on severity of the case.

    Presently stationed at Prabhadevi,Mumbai, the van is equipped with one doctor, two therapists, one assistant and a driver. The company takes booking from customers a day in advance. They also plan to enter into contracts with various corporate houses to serve the employees in a group.

    , MD, BKV added, “Most back pains can be treated with ayurvedic treatments. You just need to call and book the BKV mobile spine clinic van at your convenient time and place. Thereafter, everything will be managed by our team”.

    Most people are too callous about their spine or back in everyday life until the problem becomes acute.

    (BKV) provides spine care treatments based on Indian system of medicine (IISM). For the treatment, various aspects like psychological, bio-force and biochemical system of the spine are taken into consideration. In this way, a complete remedy can be achieved without any regeneration of the problem.

    At present, company is in no mood to go for any kind of advertising and will only rely on the word-of-mouth publicity. Depending upon the customer’s response they plan to launch couple of more such vans by the end of 2010 and may also look at some advertising opportunities. “While declining to comment on the cost of present van, Kuroop added that future such vans will be in the range of Rs.20-25 lakh.

    — Pragya Gupta