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    Bharti Wal-Mart opens first Agricultural Co-operative Centre in Punjab


    Bharti Private Limited, the joint venture between and Wal-Mart Stores Inc, for wholesale cash and carry and back-end supply chain management operations, opened its first Agricultural Co-operative Centre in Sirhind, Punjab on January 20.

    The Agricultural Co-operative Centre aims to build a robust aggregating, handling, packaging and delivering system of fresh produce to Best Price and Bharti Retail’s easyday stores. This initiative is part of Bharti Wal-Mart’s Direct Farm Programme in partnership with 100 small and marginal farmers near Ludhiana, Punjab. The farmers will be paid for their produce within 24 hours post delivery. All legalities, including APMC tax, will be fully complied with.

    Raj Jain, managing director and CEO, Bharti Wal-Mart said, “At Bharti Wal-Mart, it is our constant endeavour to develop and work with local suppliers, to develop an efficient and robust supply chain, by reducing waste and ensuring qualitative, fresh produce for customers at Easyday and Best Price Modern Wholesale stores. To meet these objectives, our associates — in partnership with Bayer CropScience — will share best practices with small and marginal farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their yield. This initiative will substantially increase the prices farmers get for their produce. It will also directly link farmers to consumers providing them access to quality produce at low prices.”

    Bharti Wal-Mart’s partner Bayer CropScience has designed a scientific solution for the farmers through their ‘5P’ process that underscores best practices in production, protection, program monitoring, passport and post-harvest.

    Through these, Agriculture Centre will provide manifold benefits for farmers, including 7-10 percent higher price realisation vis-à-vis open markets and additional incentives for better quality produce. The Centre will provide farmers with expert advice on crop planning and management, further strengthening Bharti Wal-Mart’s initiative to support farmers and small manufacturers who have limited infrastructure and distribution strength. The benefits accrued from minimised wastage of fresh foods and vegetables will be passed on to customers in the form of fresh and consistent quality produce at low prices.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau