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The hairy stuff


Styles for men can mean much more than hair. A note of black on the chin, a wisp across the forehead, a waxed chest, a sideburn that sweeps the ears. Salon India looks at some highlights of the year in terms of beards, moustaches, sideburns and other hair trends.

Beards, stubble and the real thing
A prickly face is very much in, with a huge variation in styles. The pineapple fuzz is all over the catwalks, as is the jazz dot (dot under the lower lip); yet, don`t discount the full throated beard, or even a desert scrub. Even the model and actor Milind Soman can`t stop bragging about this new fashion trend in public. “Urban men have had enough of the squeaky clean, metrosexual look,” he says at a recent fashion week.

Sparse fringes dominate
The covered forehead has made a comeback. The variety of forehead sweepers is amazing – a shattered fringe, straight fringe, parted fringe…classic and sparse fringes are popular at all levels. Saif Ali Khan wore it, Ashton Kutcher has it and hairstylists are enjoying the razor happy moment.

These can add a haughty, distinction or create a more playful look. Salman Khan and Suniel Shetty have clear, well defined shapes. These are generally matched with the hair, beards and moustache. They do need a regular trim and maintenance though. It`s important to have a barber with a steady hand.

Bare chests
Ever since, Salman went bare chest in public for the movie Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, the trend became a style statement. This was a big trend at the first Men`s Fashion Week `09 in Delhi in October. Laser hair removal and wax strips are possible options. Shahid Kapoor continues the trend!