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Sunsilk shines out


Jamal Hammadi obviously has a flair for hair as he touches and analyzes hair shafts in quick, measured movements. The Los Angeles based star hairstylist who has created hair works of art for Chanel, Dior, Gaultier, etc was in Mumbai to launch the Sunsilk
Co-Creations range. He talks to Salon India about his work in researching and planning Sunsilk Black Shine shampoo. (He is one of the seven global experts who have worked on Sunsilk’s new product range).

“I’ve been working on shine for several years. It is something every woman wants and needs,” he says in an exclusive chat after demonstrating the look on model Indrani Dasgupta, with stunning results. “The problem is we deplete. We’re so good at replenishing skin, doing manicures and pedicures but we don’t replenish hair,” he explains. “This product is good for dark hair which tends to get dull quickly. If you don’t moisturize and take care of it it will simply crack and break. Berries, and nuts help replenish and add

The new product has amla, Vitamin C, henna, mica complex, all products known to add natural sheen.
A key point he makes, and one to remember for that lustrous, shinning hair: Don’t over process your hair with products: “Shampoo, condition and use one styling product, that’s good.”