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Is it hypnosis, magic, another skin fad or simply a very successful scientific breakthrough? Select customers in Mumbai are trying to figure it out. This piece of technology has been termed a ‘wrinkle iron’, and ‘an ipod of the anti-aging industry’ and is a new concept being marketed by NuSkin, a direct selling brand from the United States. The $1.25 billion brand sells in 49 countries around the world. This first foray into India is more in the arena of wholesale and retail of products. Although NuSkin is normally driven by direct sales, it is finding takers in the salon industry as well as therapists and beauticans who offer home care. Among the new takers for the brand are the Oro spa in Mumbai and Kromakay`s new salon at C`Est La Vie which opened in Bandra this August. “We tried NuSkin on a few people and from the enthusiastic response have introduced it in our salon,” says Kanta Motwani, Owner, Kromakay.

The celebrity circuit
The enthusiasm for this product is catchy. Says former actress Neetu Singh who has been using it for two months: “I think it is a great break-through where skin is concerned. I found a great difference even after one try. I’m addicted to it, it is fantastic!” Reportedly there are others in the celebrity circuit committed to this piece of technology – Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman, for example. Actress NIcole Kidman recently told the British Vogue that she uses the treatment before any of her red carpet appearances.

Is it harmful?
Concerns about effects of the galvanic current on the skin are mollified by the research done, and the fact that salons and spas have been using machines with galvanic currents for years, while this is handheld and can be used at home. “I was apprehensive at first, but do recommend it to all my friends now. I find blemishes and dark spots fading with this as well,” adds Neetu Singh. Others users have found and commented on the fact that the procedure hydrates the skin thoroughly giving an instant glow.

Process for face treatment:
The face is cleansed. A pre-treatment gel is spread over the skin. It is worked into skin using the Galvanic Spa System II. After wiping off remaining gel, the treatment gel (containing ageLOC) is applied, and worked with the machine for five minutes. A target treatment with the Tru Face Line Corrector follows, for three to five minutes, working on problem areas such as laugh lines, etc. Use a moisturizer to finish.
Time required:10 minutes
Frequency: Once or twice a week, as required, on an on- going basis. Available: Kromakay salon, Mumbai; Oro spa, Mumbai

The machine:
The Galvanic Spa System II instrument is a small, handheld machine. Backed by third party clinical trials at Stanford, this machine programs itself to the skin. It has interchangeable heads for the face, scalp and body and helps transport key ingredients into the skin. Winner of the ‘new and notable’ product category at the 2008 Los Angeles Spa & Resort Expo and Medical Aesthetics Conference in February, 2008.

The concept:
An important characteristic of electrical charges is utilized by these instruments – like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract each other. If a key ingredient is negatively charged, the negative cycle of the Galvanic Spa Instrument will repel this ingredient facilitating its transport. A positive charge is similarly facilitated. Impurities in the skin are extracted with an opposite charge.

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