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    Café Coffee Day launches ‘Layers’ coffee range


    In a recent development, Amalgamated Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL) leading coffee chain Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) has launched a new range of signature coffee for the winter season known as ‘Layers’. The newly launched range includes four new and special offerings that are designed to beat the chill out of the winter!

    The range includes Chocolayers – Hot choco-latte infused with hints of aromatic cinnamon, Arctic Sun – Layers of vanilla ice cream laced with dark chocolate sauce, served with a double shot of espresso, Level Three – Irish crème flavoured Kaapi and spicy overtones and Winterberry – A thick strawberry shake blanketed by pulpy mango puree.

    Commenting on ’s latest introductions, , head – food & beverages, Café Coffee Day, India said, “The ‘Layers’ range of beverages is a recognition of the fact that every season needs a specialised offering both in terms of the ingredients as well as taste. This new range of winter beverages is designed to tantalize the mind and refresh the senses and we look forward to our customers enjoying the winter with our new offering.”

    The Chocolayers, Arctic Sun and Level Three are available at the price of Rs 60 wherease Winterberry can be tasted at a price of Rs 70. Further, the ‘Layers’ range of coffees are available across the country at all Café Coffee Day outlets.

    Café Coffee Day serves the coffee it grows on the 7,400 acres of its own estates plus another 2,500 acres of managed estates, the group also sources coffee from 11,000 small growers, making its holder the largest individual coffee plantation owner in Asia, this in addition to being India’s only vertically integrated coffee company. Café Coffee Day’s menu ranges from signature hot and cold coffees to several exotic international coffees, food, desserts and pastries. In addition, exciting merchandise such as coffee powders, cookies, mugs, coffee filters, etc. are available at the cafés.

    —IndiaRetailing Bureau