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    German brand Miele forays into Indian market


    , the German manufacturer of domestic appliances launched its operations in India with a bevy of high-end domestic products for the discerning Indian consumers. introduces in India ‘free-standing’ and ‘built-in-appliances’ set to revolutionize the household space. appliances are built-to-last and come with engineered aesthetics, innovation and rich heritage. They are not only revered in the homes, but are also fitted in important global destinations like the Vatican, Wimbledon, Windsor and Kremlin for their durability and timeless elegance.

    Speaking on the occasion, , fourth generation of founders said, “The Experience Centre is a symbol for the quality of Miele products that are ‘built-to-last’ and the passion consumers have for them globally. Miele promises to bring to India a stream of durable and innovative products with no compromise in quality. I am delighted to announce that Miele continues its dynamic growth as we wage ahead with our sustainable expansion worldwide.”

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr Markus Miele, fourth generation member of Miele family said, “Uncompromising quality is a key tenet of Miele. Each product is scrutinized carefully, keeping the interest of the consumers. Before any model series is approved for sales, samples have to undergo a veritable course of tests to ensure that each product is not only dependable, but also accessible to users through a simple user interface.”

    “We have spent six years understanding the Indian market – expected to be a high-growth market for us – and comprehend its consumers’ needs and aspirations. The affluent Indian consumer is choosy, aware, well travelled and has a keen eye for quality and design. We are confident that Miele appliances will be well-received by them. To begin with, Miele appliances will be retailed through 10 distribution points across Delhi/NCR,” concluded , MD, Miele India Pvt. Ltd.

    —IndiaRetailing Bureau