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    Fashioning newer tactics


    The session, ‘Retail Power Track’ which was also focused on the fashion industry was spearheaded by , MD, Levi’s (India). He probed into the pointers shared by each of the speakers of the eminent panel before opening the power packed discussion for the audience.

    , MD, Pepe (India) initiated the discussion by aptly pointing out how a utility product should also have an emotional connect as far as consumer aspiration is concerned. Thus he emphasised on the need for creating the right ambiance with music, sales staff and the likes that can help the young consumers to relate to the products better. Adding on to the notion, , MD, shared how his brand has upgraded the consumer aspirations from purchasing an unbranded jeans, to wearing a branded youth wear like . He also drew home the point that a brand is built by right advertising.

    Putting forward a whole new dimension about consumer buying patterns, , COO, feels, “At times the consumers come to an international brand for the uniqueness they bring in from their part of the world. On the other hand, there are certain customisations and India-ness they care for. As an example I can tell you how our Van Husen silk shirts in off-white colour did not sell when we tried to innovate our product as the new colour did not match the colour of dhoti in South India.”

    , business head, Ltd., emphasised on the need for creating demands while , director, Provogue India Ltd. concluded by stating the essence of communicating with the consumer and convincing him “Come to our stores since we have something new for you!”

    — Sayanti Banerjee, Mumbai Bureau