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    Agelift range launched by Garnier


    , the international expert in skin and hair care products has recently launched two innovative products – the AgeLift triactiv cream and the AgeLift face roll-on, with actress as the brand ambassador.

    In the arena of host of brands of anti-ageing creams, Garnier has combined technology and natural ingredients in order to combat signs of ageing like wrinkles, dullness and dark spots to mention a few.

    , marketing head, Garnier India, shares, “Our target is women who are not necessarily beyond a certain age that is considered as old. Even women in their mid twenties aspire to get the glow back on their face which they had during their teens. Down the like we would include more such innovative formulations that can become a part of the new age beauty regime.”

    The 50 ml Garnier AgeLift Face roll-on and the 50g Garnier AgeLift Triactiv cream are priced at Rs 399 each.

    — Sayanti Banerjee